Janet Reid, literary agent

Janet Reid is a literary agent at New Leaf Literary & Media in New York City.  She keeps a blog at
JetReidLiterary.blogspot com that answers questions from writers and allows her to rant on things that drive her crazy in publishing and reasons she loves her job and the city.

She also runs
QueryShark.blogspot.com a blog that posts (with permission) and critiques queries and revisions from writers.  To submit a query click on the link "how to submit a query to the shark."  It's all volunteer.

Her Facebook page is
Janet Reid, Literary Agent.

Her clients include New York Times bestselling Patrick Lee (The Breach series and RUNNER); Jeff Somers (WE ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE;) Laird Barron, the multiple-award winning author of most recently THE BEAUTIFUL THING THAT AWAITS US ALL;  Cornelia Read;  Dana Haynes; Lee Goodman; Terry Shames; and Phillip DePoy.

You can subscribe to her newsletter about clients here.

Her list is largely crime novels and thrillers, and narrative non-fiction in history and biography.

She is a member of AAR; Sisters in Crime;  Mystery Writers of America (NYC chapter); International Thriller Writers; the Organization of American Historians;  the American Historical Associaton; the Civil War Roundtable of NYC; the Womens' National Book Association (NYC chapter); Biographers International Organization;  and the Authors Guild.

She lives in Brooklyn and is tormenting herself by painting her apartment. Yes, 27 color samples later, it's almost done.