Janet Reid, literary agent

I am  a literary agent in New York City.  I keep a blog at
JetReidLiterary.blogspot com that answers questions from writers and allows me to rant on things that drive me crazy in publishing and reasons I love my job and the city.

I also run
QueryShark.blogspot.com a blog that posts (with permission) and critiques queries and revisions from writers.  To submit a query click on the link "how to submit a query to the shark."  It's all volunteer.

My clients include New York Times bestselling Patrick Lee (The Breach series and RUNNER); Jeff Somers (WRITING WITHOUT RULES);  Thomas Lippman, Hilary Holladay, Dana Haynes; Gary Corby, Terry Shames; and Phillip DePoy.

You can subscribe to my newsletter about clients here.

My list is largely crime novels and thrillers, and narrative non-fiction in history and biography.

I am a member of AAR; Sisters in Crime;  Mystery Writers of America (NYC chapter); International Thriller Writers; the Organization of American Historians;  the American Historical Associaton; the Civil War Roundtable of NYC; the Womens' National Book Association (NYC chapter); Biographers International Organization;  and the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators.

I live in Brooklyn and currently tormenting myself by painting my  apartment. Yes, 27 color samples later, it's almost done.