Janet Reid, literary agent

This page answers questions I hear most frequently from authors.

What are you looking for?

I'm particularly looking for narrative non-fiction; history; current events.

I'd leap tall buildings for a Taylor Branch-like book about the second wave of feminism.

I love books about maps, and buildings.

I love books that make me see the world in a new way and show me connections between disparate things.

I'm looking for middle-grade and picture book  non-fiction.

What have you sold?

Here are the some of the most recent

Laird Barron, BLOOD STANDARD (Putnam: 2017)

Laird Barron, SWIFT TO CHASE (Journal Stone: 2016)

Hilary Holladay, WAKING IN THE DARK: A Biography of Adrienne Rich  (Nan Talese Books: 2019)

Deb Vlock, WHAT DO I DO NOW: A Mental Health Mom's Guide to What  You Weren't Expecting

(Rowman & Littlefield, 2019)

Bill Cameron, PROPERTY OF THE STATE (Poisoned Pencil: 2016)

Phillip DePoy, COLD FLORIDA (Severn House: 2016)

Phillip DePoy, THREE SHOT BURST (Severn House: 2017)

Loretta Ross, DEATH AND THE REDHEADED WOMAN (Midnight Ink: 2015)

Loretta Ross, DEATH AND THE BREWMASTER'S WIDOW (Midnight Ink: 2016)

Loretta Ross, DEATH AND THE GRAVEDIGGER'S ANGEL (Midnight Ink: 2017)

Loretta Ross, DEATH AND THE VIKING'S DAUGHTER (Midnight Ink: 2018)

Gary Corby, DEATH ON DELOS (Soho Crime: 2017)

Gary Corby, SINGER FROM MEMPHIS (Soho Crime: 2016)

Phillip DePoy, A PRISONER IN MALTA (Minotaur: 2016)

Phillip DePoy, THE ENGLISH AGENT (Minotaur: 2017)

Patrick Lee, RUNNER (Minotaur: 2015)

Patrick Lee, SIGNAL (Minotaur: 2016)


Jeff Somers, WE ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE (Gallery: 2015)

Lee Goodman, INDEFENSIBLE (Emily Bestler Books: 2014)

Lee Goodman, INJUSTICE (Emily Bestler Books: 2015)

Thomas Lippman, CRUDE OIL, CRUDE MONEY: Aristotle Onassis, Saudi Arabia, and the CIA (Praeger: 2019)

Thomas Lippman, HERO OF THE CROSSING: How Anwar Sadat and the 1973 War Changed the World (Potomac Books: 2016)

Terry Shames, A RECKONING IN THE BACK COUNTRY (Seventh Street Books: 2018)

Terry Shames, AN UNSETTLING CRIME FOR SAMUEL CRADDOCK (Seventh Street Books: 2017)

Terry Shames, THE NECESSARY MURDER OF NONIE BLAKE (Seventh Street Books: 2016)

These are a few of the older titles I've sold

Patrick Lee, THE BREACH (Harper: 2010)

Patrick Lee, GHOST COUNTRY (Harper: 2012)

Patrick Lee, DEEP SKY (Harper: 2013)

Dana Haynes, CRASHERS (Minotaur)

Warren Richey, WITHOUT A PADDLE (St. Martin's Press)

Stephanie Jaye Evans, FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH (Berkley Prime Crime)

Robin Becker, BRAINS (Harper)


Are you a member of AAR?

I'm also a member of  Biographers International Organization; American Historical Association; Organization of American Historians;  the NYC chapter of Mystery Writers of America; International Thriller Writers; and, the Women's National Book Association, Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators.

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