Janet Reid, literary agent

I prefer email queries.

It will help if you read the FAQ page before sending a query.

General help on how to write an effective query is available on the QueryShark blog.

Send a query letter with the first 3-5 pages of the novel or memoir pasted below to:  JReid@NewLeafLiterary (dotcom)

The pages should be in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment.
The subject line should read: Query for (insert title of your project)

If you are querying about a non-fiction project, tell me about the project, your credentials, and the market niche the project serves. 

If you have an overview or introduction, include that in the body of the email like you would sample pages from a novel.

Memoir, although non-fiction, is acquired and sold like a novel so use the guidelines for a novel. 
You don't need to write a proposal for a memoir.

By US Mail:
Send a query letter and the first 3-5 pages of your work and a #10 SASE to:

Janet Reid
New Leaf Literary & Media

110 West 40th, #2201
New York, NY  10018

Please do NOT send full manuscripts or anything weighing more than 16 ounces
unless I ask for it.  I will not return it even with an SASE
and do not accept any responsibility for things sent unsolicited.

Looking for:
Thrillers; mysteries; crime fiction of all kinds; commercial fiction; literary fiction.

NOT looking for:
science fiction; fantasy; speculative fiction; horror; westerns; romance.

I do NOT do YA, middle-grade or picture books.


Looking for:
biography; history; science.
NOT looking for:
self-help; personal growth; parenting; health.

I am also not looking for screenplays, or poetry.
I do not take on books that have already been published.

I respond to all queries, generally within 30 days.

If you have not heard back in 30 days, check the post on Query Letter Diagnostics for help.

Bottom line:
When in doubt, query me. I'd rather see something that's not right for me than miss something fabulous.